I would never have imagined I could have gotten so much out of a week long camp, it has truly changed the way I look at myself, my life and the world around me.

RYLA now holds a very special place in my heart and everything that I learnt from those eight days is hidden away some place special and on all those days I'm struggling to be the best I can be, I go to that special place and reflect on my experience.


RYLA gave me the tools that I needed to change my life. Before RYLA, I was living my life, but not really LIVING my life. Somehow I had ended up in a job that I never wanted, I was still living at home at 24, I was still living in my home town, which for some is ok, but I've always wanted more. And I guess before RYLA, I hadn't really realised I was wasting my life away.


I learnt that I can beat my negative voice and squash those fears at RYLA, and it was the greatest lesson I have ever learnt in my life and I have RYLA to thank for it.

RYLA was the most amazing, inspiring, thought provoking and motivating camp/programme I have ever had the privilege to participate in.

The greatest thing I feel I got out of RYLA was happiness and a feeling of belonging. RYLA helped me gain this happiness and feeling of belonging, by teaching me about personality types and how to appreciate and deal with people of different personalities.

I got thrown into this world that is RYLA... And I instantly realised that while I was doing well…there was SO much more I could have out of life, and that by limiting myself by other people's expectations I was limiting my OWN possibilities... RYLA has been for me, the most inspiring, motivational, life-changing experience of my life.