Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is a week long personal development and leadership program sponsored by Rotary aimed at developing the interpersonal and professional skills of young adults (aged 18 to 28).

What is RYLA?

District 9360's RYLA 2021 program will take place from 3 - 10 July 2021 at Camp Duckadang, Linville.

What makes RYLA special?

The Lessons: There is so much to learn from every session. It really makes you think about what you want to get out of life and gives you the drive to pursue your goals.

The Challenges: You do things that you never thought were possible and you are always supported and encouraged.

The Team: The leadership team are past participants so they really understand what you are experiencing.

When/Where is RYLA?

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RYLA gave me the tools that I needed to change my life. Before RYLA, I was living my life, but not really LIVING my life. Somehow I had ended up in a job that I never wanted, I was still living at home at 24, I was still living in my home town, which for some is ok, but I've always wanted more. And I guess before RYLA, I hadn't really realised I was wasting my life away.

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“It’s hard to put into words exactly what it was all about – but I know it allowed me to learn so many new things about myself and how to work in a team environment”.

Have fun!!!

RYLA now holds a very special place in my heart and everything that I learnt from those eight days is hidden away some place special and on all those days I'm struggling to be the best I can be, I go to that special place and reflect on my experience.

Why go to RYLA?
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Rushil Bhardwaz



Jess Thompson

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